Corned Beef King Comes In From The Cold

We had heard that the Corned Beef King  truck that has made its home parked outside the Olney Exxon station on Georgia Avenue had moved inside, so we stopped by recently to check it out.

Sure enough, there is now a counter with a crown atop the menu sign, a grill behind it and supplies heaped up on every flat space, inside the Exxon’s convenience store.

Freddy and Vianni Behind the Counter

Freddy and Vianni Behind the Counter

The indoor King is now open  “11 am – 8:30 pm, 7 Days A Week,” according to the CBK’s website (, while the truck continues to migrate among four locations in Rockville.  There are some very small tables and uncomfortable stools in a clearing amidst the lotto machine, junk foods and sundries in the store.

Has success spoiled the Corned Beef King’s food?  Not on the strength of what we ordered.  One ” Today’s Feature” – a lobster and shrimp roll with bacon (!) melted provolone, and coleslaw; and one knish, both split two ways.  As always, it was plenty for the two of us.

Knish and Shrimp-and-Lobster Roll

Knish and Shrimp-and-Lobster Roll


We saw the more usual fare, overstuffed meat sandwiches, being built to order while we ate.  They are just as enormous as when owner Jon Rossler was dispensing them from the truck.

We’ll be back to break our New Year’s resolutions on the sandwiches and knishes.  I still wish Jon would carry a variety of knishes instead of one kind with everything in it (corned beef, cheese, potatoes, and onions); as good as it is, sometimes you have a yen for a chopped-liver or potato-and-spinach knish!


Vianni With Enormous Corned Beef Sandwich

Vianni With Enormous Corned Beef Sandwich

Late Update:  We just indulged in an “Oh Johny:” brisket, Swiss and meltingly sweet onions on a soft roll with au jus for dipping; a Jewish French Dip.  Delicious, a wonderful, sloppy mess! Long live the King!


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